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Sean is an Artist and Self-taught photographer who is ever changing and growing.
Focused on female portraiture, fitness and commercial photography in the business side of things, but also pursuing Fine Art Figure and Creative types of photography in both Digital and Analog mediums. With a love for light and a heart for the dramatic, both of these qualities show and continue to grow in his work.


Kat Attack Part 3

So part of working with Kat’s Pyjamas was shooting other models every once and while too. Lintendo has wore Kat’s designs for a few shoots and fashion shows this year. The first few shots are of Lintendo wearing Kat’s designs and the second part is designer Kirsten mixing and matching her work with some thrift store finds. The second part of this blog where I shot Kirsten was also part of a lighting teaching session I had did too with a few local photographers.

2a_IMG_5473Grun 2a_IMG_5431 2a_IMG_5352 2a_IMG_5302 2_IMG_3423_Grun 2_IMG_3259Grun 2_IMG_3175Grun 2_IMG_3155_Grun 2_IMG_3138_grun 2_IMG_2969_Grun 2_IMG_2814Grun 2_IMG_2786Grun

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