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Sean is an Artist and Self-taught photographer who is ever changing and growing.
Focused on female portraiture, fitness and commercial photography in the business side of things, but also pursuing Fine Art Figure and Creative types of photography in both Digital and Analog mediums. With a love for light and a heart for the dramatic, both of these qualities show and continue to grow in his work.



These are my boys and they are growing up way to fast, I get so busy trying to provide for them that I am missing the small stuff. I love to sit down with them watch a movie or play soccer with them while mowing the lawn. They always want to help out when I am shooting and sometimes volunteer to be shot as well, this was more of a voluntold type shoot and it was quick.

406W8320Grun 406W8335 406W8337 406W8352 406W8407 406W8432 406W8433

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by sean

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