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Sean is an Artist and Self-taught photographer who is ever changing and growing.
Focused on female portraiture, fitness and commercial photography in the business side of things, but also pursuing Fine Art Figure and Creative types of photography in both Digital and Analog mediums. With a love for light and a heart for the dramatic, both of these qualities show and continue to grow in his work.


2012 Wrap up – Glamour

This is another category or title I am trying to redefine this year as it has a certain stigma to it. You might look at some of this and say hey this is boudoir, but boudoir is meant to be done in the boudoir which is a bedroom setting hence if its not shot there its simply something else. So with Glamour be definition is “an appearance of enhanced attractiveness” which gives me allot of leeway. I tried to emulate and carve out my niche this year in this category by using a variety of light, location, varying wardrobe and poses, Therefore altering the feeling and level of attractiveness and sexiness of the sessions. Each person has their own idea of what is more glamourous¬† to them so you will see this demonstrated in some of my best images from this year in this category. I will let you decide if I am on track or out to lunch, so don’t be shy and leave me some comments on this.


IMG_3797 IMG_4084 IMG_4244 IMG_3787 IMG_6631 406W9209cc 406W9119_1 IMG_3606_B IMG_3618 IMG_3678_Hippy IMG_3777 IMG_1067 406W6490 406W5190 406W4734 IMG_7282b 406W5035_Derelicte

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by sean

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February 14, 2013 - 4:31 pm Intimate Portrait Session with D » Prairie Ranger Photography Blog - [...] to meet the requests of all of my clients. The alternative to this style session is one of my Glamour sessions where its more about dramatic light and a sexy [...]

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